My Author’s Page

     My name is Martin Otterson. I am retired and like many people always wanted to write a book. I once had this dream about finding a bag of money. I thought about what would I do if I actually found a bag of money and how this could change my life. I then decided I would write a book about a guy finding a bag of money in a Vegas casino parking lot. I did some research on how to write a book. Many authors suggest that you write about what you know. I live in Chicago and often go to Vegas. My main character’s traits were a combination of guys that I had known. Even though my story is fictional I tried my best to make it as believable as possible. After I started writing my book I realized I had to figure out how to format my book. I knew I could publish my book on Amazon for no cost, so I downloaded a few books from Amazon Kindle to learn about formatting and publishing my book. I had already started writing my book using Word and luckily I found out I could upload it to Amazon. I didn’t think about fonts, text size margins copyrights etc. After reading the “How To Books” I then had to format what I already had written. After finishing my book, I spent many hours fixing grammar and misspelled words. My wife then read my book and found many more mistakes. I published my book in the Kindle and Kindle Unlimited format on Amazon. At first I didn’t tell anyone I had published my book. I bought a copy and read it on my Kindle App. I found more mistakes. I then corrected the mistakes ( That I found ?) and uploaded the corrected copy. Many of my friends do not read eBooks so I decided to publish my book as a large print paperback. To do this I had to convert my book from word to pdf format. After writing A Bag Full Of Money  by C. Ramono ( Not a pen name actual title). I wrote my second book Uncle Joe & Two Million Dollars which is about a single guy whose Uncle passes away leaving him with Two Million, but he must be married or get married within a year from the reading of the will. Like the first book with some help from my wife I did it myself. I realize not having a professional to proof or publish my stories I had a slim chance of selling to the public. I am now trying to figure out how to market my books. I never expected to make a lot on my books anyway. An author makes .0042 cents per page or 42 cents per 100 pages read on Kindle Unlimited. I just would like people to read them . Amazon does not charge to publish. They do charge to promote them and with Millions of books available on Amazon my books are very hard to find. If you are retired and looking for something to do I suggest try writing a book. I enjoy writing. To me writing a fictional book is like playing a game but you develop the characters, and you decide their fate. As an author you have complete control of your story. As with any book some will like it, and some will hate it. If you read one of my books please go to Goodreads link below to rate it ! You can right click to open link in a separate window !